Our Best Selling Menu

Our Best Selling Menu

Combrang Resaurant

Combrang Restaurant is located in the center of the resort, in the midst of the lush tropical gardens. The Restaurant has the capacity to serve 80 people.
The Magnificient building has a colonial Javanese feel.
The bottom floor can be used for large gatherings, birthday parties or enjoying a meal with a large family.

The second floor is a balcony that looks out over the bottom floor and out to the garden and the pool.
This is a more intimate area for couples or small groups.
The restaurant is comfortable and is just a approriate for casual meetings.
Several sofas are available, making it a place to relax while listeing to jazz music or traditional Javanese music.

The Ashoka Terrace

Our bar offers a variety of wines from different coutries.
Various liqueurs and spirits, as well as cocktails, are also available.
We also have healthy choice available, such as drinks made from the local herbal drink “Jamu”

This herbal concoction is offered in a variety of drinks such as smoothies, juices and even “mocktails”

Kamaratih SPA

Relaxation and rejuvenation are at our fingertios at the Kamaratih Spa.

Set in an exquisite location, the Kamaratih Spa is the place to let your tension and worries fade away.
This technique has been used for over 300 years to help relieve pain and improve circulation.

It involves pushing, stroking and circular movements using thumb pressure and the palms.
For Example, the “Princess” package include a foot wash, traditional body massage, and facial therapy.
The most luxurious package is the “The Serenity and Harmony” package for couple therapy to get a perfect blissful getaway with the loved-one.